The Vetropack Group is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of packaging glass. With a total of about 4000 employees, it operates glass plants in Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Italy and Moldova. It enables everyone to enjoy food and beverages in the most elegant, safe and responsible way.

Senior Lawyer

The Vetropack Group is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of packaging glass. With a total of over 3300 employees, it operates glass plants in Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Italy and Moldova. PrJSC Vetropack Gostomel Glass Factory produces, sells and distributes glass packaging in Ukraine. Our site is located in Gostomel, Kyiv region with more than 380 employees.



This position covers legal work at VPG as well as communication with VPH Legal and Compliance (mainly in the areas of commercial, contract, labor law, as well as pre-trail procedures etc.)


Pre-trail procedures and litigation

  • Represent the VPG at the Courts, Arbitrations, State agencies (is needed on the basis of PoA)
  • Prepare lawsuits (statements of claim) on debt collection, fulfillment of the obligations by the Contractual Parties
  • Prepare statement of claims within the commercial, administrative, labor, IP issues
  • Prepare other procedural documents within the litigation processes
  • Form a suit cases files (files for the Court and for other Parties of litigation)

Contractual Law

  • Draft non standard contracts
  • Prepare contracts (including bilingual), supplemental agreements
  • Review responsibility, risks etc.

Corporate Law

  • Draft Minutes of the Meetings of the Company’s governing bodies (if needed)
  • Prepare Invitation drafts for the Company’s governing bodies Meetings
  • Communicate with the Shareholder, Securities institutions of Ukraine (Securities Commission, NDU, Depository etc.)

Other areas

  • Labor Law issues (including Collective bargaining agreement drafting and observing);
  • IP issues;
  • Real estate issues, land issues, tangible assets (e.g.vehicles/ forklifts purchase and sale);
  • License/ Permits application files;


  • Higher legal education (master in Law degree)
  • Practical experience (at least 5 years)
  • Excellent knowledge contractual, corporate law and pre-trail procedures and litigation
  • Legal research and strong negotiation skills
  • Analytical skills and the ability to make sound judgement
  • Technology and software knowledge (Ms Office, YouControl)
  • Excellent verbal and written communication
  • Bar certificate

We enable everyone to enjoy beverages and food in the most elegant, safe and responsible way!


Gostomel, UA

Facility:  PrJSC Vetropack Gostomel
Experience level:  Experienced professional